Transporting Big-Screen TVs: Can an 85-Inch Fit in My SUV?

Are you looking to purchase a larger TV and wondering if it will fit in your SUV? Well, the good news is that an SUV can indeed accommodate an 85-inch TV. However, before you rush into buying and loading it up, there are some important factors you need to take into consideration. It’s crucial to remember that SUVs come in different sizes and have varying capabilities. So, let’s delve into these factors and make sure you make the right decision before transporting your new TV.

In our ever-evolving world, we crave bigger and more captivating visual displays, leading to a surge in the popularity of larger television screens. Among these options, the 85-inch TV has garnered attention for its stunning and cinematic viewing experience. If you’re considering purchasing an 85-inch TV but unsure if it can fit in your SUV, this article is here to help. We’ll explore whether it’s feasible to transport such a massive television and provide valuable insights for your decision-making process.

Understanding the Size:

To determine if your SUV can accommodate an 85-inch TV, it’s important to grasp the dimensions of both the television and your vehicle. An 85-inch TV is quite sizable, typically measuring around 74 inches in width and 42 inches in height. This means it occupies a significant amount of space. On the other hand, SUVs come in various sizes and configurations, so it’s crucial to consider the available cargo space in your specific vehicle.

SUVs differ in their dimensions, and cargo areas can vary in size and shape. Some SUV models offer the convenience of foldable seats or adjustable storage compartments, which can provide additional space for transporting larger items. To obtain accurate measurements and specifications for your SUV, consult the user manual or reach out to the manufacturer for guidance.

Moreover, it’s essential to take into account the packaging dimensions of the TV. Manufacturers design packaging to safeguard the TV during transportation, which can increase its overall dimensions. Inquire about the dimensions of the packaged TV to assess its compatibility with your SUV’s cargo space.

By understanding the dimensions of both the TV and your SUV, you can evaluate whether there is sufficient space to accommodate the 85-inch TV. This analysis will help you determine the feasibility of transporting the TV in your SUV or whether you need to explore alternative options.

Evaluating Your Vehicle’s Cargo Capacity:

When considering whether your SUV can accommodate an 85-inch TV, one crucial step is to assess its cargo capacity. This assessment will help you determine if the TV will fit comfortably within your vehicle. To begin, you should measure the dimensions of your SUV’s cargo area, paying close attention to the width, height, and depth of the available space.

It’s important to note that 130 different SUV models come with varying cargo space configurations as per Small, Compact, Mid-Size & Large SUVs. Some SUVs are equipped with foldable seats that can be adjusted to create additional room for larger items, such as a television. Moreover, certain vehicles may feature adjustable storage compartments that can be utilized to accommodate such sizable objects.

Small SUVs available space:

Mid-Size 2-Raw SUVs available space:

Mid-Size 3-Raw SUVs available space:

Full-Size SUVs available space:

To ensure accurate measurements and obtain precise specifications, it is recommended to refer to your SUV’s user manual or reach out to the manufacturer directly. They can provide you with the necessary information regarding the dimensions of the cargo area and any relevant details about your SUV’s storage capabilities. Armed with this knowledge, you will be able to make an informed decision regarding the suitability of your SUV for transporting an 85-inch TV, and if any modifications are required to create sufficient space.

Nissan has compiled a useful reference outlining the maximum TV sizes that can fit inside their Nissan Crossover, SUV, or Truck models. Curiously, they omitted the information regarding the Nissan GTR‘s TV capacity.

Here are the TV size limits for each model:

  • Kicks: Accommodates TVs up to 32 inches.
  • Rogue/Rogue Sport: Can accommodate TVs up to 50 inches.
  • Pathfinder: Can accommodate TVs up to 50 inches.
  • Murano: Can accommodate TVs up to 55 inches.
  • Armada: Can accommodate TVs up to 58 inches.
  • Titan: Can accommodate TVs up to 75 inches.

By thoroughly assessing your SUV’s cargo capacity, you can determine whether it can comfortably accommodate the 85-inch TV or if additional adjustments are necessary. Remember to prioritize safety and ensure that the TV fits securely without risking any damage to the screen or other components.

Considering the TV’s Packaging:

When you buy an 85-inch TV, it’s crucial to consider the size of the packaging it comes in. Manufacturers design the packaging to ensure the TV is protected during transportation, but this can result in larger overall dimensions. It’s essential to inquire about the dimensions of the packaged TV before making a decision, as this will directly impact whether it will fit in your SUV’s cargo space.

Packaging dimensions refer to the measurements of the box or container that the TV comes in. These dimensions can vary from the actual dimensions of the TV itself because the packaging includes materials like protective foam, padding, and additional layers to prevent any damage during shipping.

To determine if the 85-inch TV will fit in your SUV, you need to consider not only the size of the TV but also the size of the packaging. Measure the width, height, and depth of the packaged TV and compare it to the available space in your SUV’s cargo area. Keep in mind that the packaging may add a few extra inches to the TV’s size, so it’s crucial to account for that.

The hottest available brand’s 85 inches TV box packaging sizes are:

By taking into account the dimensions of both the TV and its packaging, you can ensure compatibility with your SUV’s cargo space. This step will help you make an informed decision and avoid any surprises when attempting to transport the TV in your vehicle.

Measuring and Planning for Transportation:

When considering transporting an 85-inch TV in your SUV, it’s crucial to assess the feasibility of such a venture. To begin, you’ll need to obtain the measurements of both the packaged TV and your SUV’s cargo space. Take note of the TV’s length, width, and height, and compare these dimensions with the available cargo area in your SUV.

Remember to account for the TV’s shape as well. If it has a curved screen or a bulky stand, additional clearance may be required. Take into consideration any extra space these features might occupy.

By comparing the measurements of the packaged TV with the available cargo space in your SUV, you can determine whether the TV will fit comfortably without causing any damage or putting excessive pressure on the screen. This evaluation is vital for making an informed decision about whether your SUV is suitable for transporting an 85-inch TV.

Foldable Seats and Flexibility:

If your SUV has foldable rear seats, you have an added advantage when it comes to transporting an 85-inch TV. By folding down the seats, you can create more space in the cargo area, allowing you to accommodate the TV more easily. This is especially helpful if the TV’s dimensions are slightly larger than the available cargo space.

However, it’s crucial to ensure that the TV fits comfortably without causing any damage or putting excessive pressure on the screen. When folding the seats, take into consideration the height and width of the TV. Make sure there is enough clearance and that the TV can be placed securely without being squeezed or pressed against the seats or other objects in the SUV.

To protect the TV during transportation, you may want to use blankets, padding, or other soft materials to cushion it and prevent any potential damage. These can be placed around the TV to create a protective barrier and keep it stable while on the move.

Remember to be cautious and gentle when handling the TV, especially if it’s a delicate or expensive model. Avoid any sudden movements or impacts that could harm the screen or internal components. Secure the TV in place using straps or bungee cords to prevent it from shifting or moving around during the journey.

By utilizing the flexibility of foldable seats and taking necessary precautions, you can maximize the cargo space in your SUV and transport an 85-inch TV safely and securely.

Essential Safety Measures:

Transporting a large television, such as an 85-inch model, requires careful consideration to prevent any potential damage during transit. Implementing necessary safety precautions and securing methods will help safeguard your TV and ensure it arrives at its destination unharmed. Here are some essential steps to follow:

When it comes to transporting your 85-inch TV, taking the following safety precautions is crucial:

Cushioning with Blankets or Padding:

To protect the TV from shocks and vibrations, use soft blankets or padding as a cushioning layer. This added protection absorbs any impact during the journey, minimizing the risk of damage to the TV screen and internal components.

Preventing Shifting:

Secure the TV in place to prevent it from moving around inside your SUV. Utilize straps or bungee cords to fasten the TV tightly to sturdy points within the cargo area. This ensures the TV remains stable and doesn’t slide or shift during transportation.

Positioning and Orientation:

When placing the TV in your SUV, carefully choose its position and orientation. Lay the TV flat whenever possible to distribute the weight evenly and reduce the likelihood of damage. Avoid stacking other objects on top of the TV, as it can exert excessive pressure on the screen.


Stabilizing with Support:

If available, utilize supportive structures within the cargo area of your SUV. Lean the TV against the rear seats or make use of built-in cargo hooks to anchor it securely. These additional supports enhance stability and minimize the risk of the TV moving during transit.

Secure Doors and Fasten Seatbelts:

Before starting your journey, ensure that all doors and hatches in your SUV are properly closed and secured. Additionally, fasten the seatbelts of passengers or objects near the TV to prevent any accidental falls or potential damage.

Smooth Driving and Avoiding Abrupt Maneuvers:

Maintain a smooth and steady driving style while on the road. Avoid harsh acceleration, braking, and sharp turns, as these actions can jolt the TV and increase the risk of damage. By driving cautiously, you protect the TV from unnecessary impacts. An appliance dolly is best for moving larger, bulkier items like the TV.

Transporting an 85-inch TV safely requires adhering to essential safety measures. By cushioning the TV with blankets or padding, preventing shifting with straps, positioning it carefully, utilizing supportive structures, securing doors, and practicing smooth driving, you can significantly reduce the likelihood of damage. Taking the time to implement these safety precautions ensures your 85-inch TV arrives unscathed, ready to deliver an exceptional viewing experience at your destination.

Conclusion: How to fit 85 inches TV in an SUV?

To summarize, it is possible to transport an 85-inch TV in your SUV, but it requires careful consideration of the television’s dimensions and your vehicle’s cargo space. Before attempting to transport the TV, take accurate measurements of the TV itself, including its packaging, and compare them with the available space in your SUV. This evaluation will help you determine if the TV can fit comfortably without risking damage to the screen.

It’s also important to factor in any foldable seats or adjustable storage compartments in your SUV. By utilizing these features, you can potentially create extra cargo space to accommodate the TV more effectively. However, ensure that the TV is securely positioned and won’t shift during transportation. Use protective materials such as blankets or padding to cushion the TV, and employ straps or bungee cords to secure it in place.

While transporting an 85-inch TV in your SUV is feasible, safety should be your primary concern. Take necessary precautions to properly secure the TV and ensure it remains intact throughout the journey. This will minimize the risk of damage or accidents. By carefully assessing dimensions, considering foldable seats, and implementing secure transportation methods, you can make an informed decision regarding whether your SUV is suitable for transporting an 85-inch TV.

Remember, prioritize the safety and protection of the TV above all else. If you have any doubts about your SUV’s ability to safely accommodate the TV, it may be wise to explore alternative transportation methods or seek professional assistance. These measures will help ensure a smooth and damage-free journey for your valuable 85-inch TV.

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